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A magazine collaboration project

A collaboration project between Central Saint Martins Fashion Journalism and Fashion Communication & Promotion. Generasian's target audience is young asian men. This 70-page publication explores asian fashion, culture as well as lifestyle through different editorial shoots and articles. Apart from printed media, there is also an online platform that has more content, please visit

Editors / Sarah Sophie Bomhard & Daniel Love


Creative Directors / Denise Hsu, Emily Chan, Katherine Lee


Contributing Writers / Jasmin Oakes, Louis Gabriel, Maisie Taylor

With Thanks To

Alvy Lei, Bo Xu, Dal Chodha, Edge Yang, Elena Jo, Ethan Keem, Jeff Hsiao, Jeremy Zheng, Joshua Kim, Kantaro Suzuki, Kenn Lam, Tomoya Yazaki & the team at Tsuru + LIM, Milo Burgess, Money Wang, Sanjeeva Suresh, Veldon Lim, Wing To Fung 

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