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A magazine (Final Major Project)

This publication gets in touch with different units of time through various stories. Sand is time, time is sand, they are both tiny yet extensive. Sometimes it seems to be trivial, while sometimes it can swallow you up. The inevitable truth is that we will all slowly be worn away by time.

Sandpaper, a sheet of paper made of numerous grains. The abrasive character of sandpaper smoothens things and removes unwanted layers. Time wears us off just as sandpaper smoothens and polishes surfaces. The way we let it grind and polish depends on our attitude and perspective.


As mentioned by Olafur Eliasson, "It is a challenge to verbalise time itself, even though, paradoxically, talking takes time. Describing time in conversation tend to take away the duration form it, as it is mostly described as an idea or concept." Time is abstract, it is an experience. Through reading this publication, I hope to express time as a cycle and a progress. 

Editor / Emily Chan

Special Thanks To
Elsa Cheung, Chan Yung Chi, Wan Pei (Faye) Lee, Arielle Tse, Katrina Kwok, Angela Yip, Carmen Chan, Christy Chan, Mavis Chan, Linda Zagidulina, Annabelle Chong, Florenza Palama, Alex Po Ka Lam, Emily Hulme, Tomomi Tokuda, Chantel Chan, Jennifer Lai, Frances Wen & Bluella Lee.

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